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For All Your Home or Small Business Computer Repairs


Citizens trusted me for over 20 years with their lives; now you can trust me with your computer!


Slow performance, unable to launch programs, (fake) virus popup warning that your computer is infected or unable to get online; these are all signs your computer may be infected with a virus, malware or spyware.  This retired lawman turned computer technician can diagnose your ailing computer either in your home or in my shop.



Welcome to RGVSkyTech.com, where we are committed to delivering quality service, support and repair solutions for all your computer needs at an affordable price.  Choose from our in-shop or in-home support services if you are looking for:


- Desktop, laptop, or netbook repairs

- Printer, scanner, webcam troubleshooting

- Virus/Malware/Spyware removal
- Router/Wireless networking

- Data backup solutions

- Create System Recovery disks

- Data Recovery
- Windows critical updating

- Hardware/Software installation

- Remote services
- Other computer-related services

- Web Design for personal or business

RGVSkyTech is here to help make your home or small business computing easy.

Our technician is A+ Certified.

Services are available in upper Rio Grande Valley area.

English only spoken by our technician.


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